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Being an athlete, your body is constantly exposed to impact, wear and tear and injury. As you fight off the fatigue that you face due to your rigorous training schedule, your body may not always have ample time to recover. That’s where CBD can help.

Here we will discuss the medical benefits associated with CBD, the best applications, as well as how it can and will help you perform your very best from game-time, to recovery!

What Are the Medical Benefits of CBD Oil?

When you think of cannabis, your initial thought is of being slow, lethargic and not situationally aware of your surroundings. Not a good recipe for success as you train or compete. The great thing about CBD is that is DOES NOT contain THC so you will not be inebriated while you use CBD.

What it does offer, though, is an extensive list of medical uses that any athlete can benefit from. Here are just some of the many benefits CBD offers, specifically for athletes, as well as a comparison to OTC medications and why this natural method is better.

Pain Relief

We’d be lying if we said that painkillers don’t do what they are prescribed to do. Generally, they do their job and completely mask whatever pain you’re in. The downside to using painkillers are numerous. The put your brain in a fog and can give you that intoxicated feeling. They also trick your brain into thinking that your body is completely healthy, giving you a false sense of well-being that can actually lead to further damage instead healing.

CBD is a more effective way to deal with pain. You won’t lose your focus, which means that you get to keep your competitive edge. You also don’t get the full body numbness that so often times comes with using painkillers. This means you can give your all in the event that you’re participating in, while being aware not to push too hard and risking long term injury.

Reduce Game-Day Stress and Anxiety

Being a competitor comes with a certain amount of nervousness or stress right before game time. No matter how hard we train, we’re always a little worked up with the anticipation of putting ourselves on the line. CBD offers relief from the butterflies in our stomach that comes with performance anxiety by working with your body, more specifically your central nervous system to bring a calming effect and a relaxed mind state.

Faster Recovery Time

As athletes, we all get hurt. It can happen when we’re training or in the actual event we’re training for. Instead of turning to OTC painkillers like Vicodin, Percoset, or Methadone, which only help with pain, you can combat pain as well as speed up your recovery time with CBD products.

CBD aides in recovery by reducing the inflammation that naturally occurs while working out. If this inflammation goes unchecked it can lead to muscle breakdown, which in turn leads to injury. CBD has also been proven to treat many other conditions from seizures to Multiple Sclerosis. If it can heal diseases, it can aid in the healing from any injury you receive.

CBD is truly the healing cannabinoid, and it will help you get back into the game much faster than any OTC medication will. Not to mention, it is all natural and from the earth, rather than developed in a lab.

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