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You heard all the buzz about CBD and all the amazing benefits it had, and you decided to run out and buy some to try only to be disappointed in the results. You decide the whole thing is a sham and have vowed not to waste your money again.

But–did you stop to consider there might be a reason why CBD didn’t work for you?

There are several reasons that the results you experienced weren’t ideal that have nothing to do with the clinical research, studies and millions of testimonials being a crock. Let’s give you some of the most common.

1. You expected a high

So, I know this one should be obvious, but it is a very common reason. A lot of people, knowing that CBD comes from the cannabis plant, feel like they should feel some sort of high when using CBD. It’s not going to happen and that’s due to the absence of THC. Yes, a lot of people feel more relaxed using CBD, but you will not get a “high” as you would with using marijuana or other addictive pain killers. In fact, one of the great things about CBD is that it has enormous health benefits without having a psychoactive effect.

2. Incorrect Dosage

Once you have accepted that you are not going to get high from CBD, you need to next consider the dosage. Dosage can be tricky and is the most common reason why people give up using CBD. The reason is that the dosage depends on the individual. There isn’t a set dosage for everyone or dosage based on age or body weight. Instead, due to the way CBD works in your body, it is all dependent on what your body needs. You might have tried too high of a dosage and didn’t like how it made you feel. Or, you tried to low of dosage and didn’t notice anything different. What we recommend is starting low and increasing until you find what works best for you. Want to know more about dosing? Check out this article.

3. Product quality

Not all CBD products are created equal. There’s a lot of science behind getting a good quality CBD product. With CBD oil, you need to understand what exactly is in it and the extraction process. Because of little regulations, you find a wide variety of products on the market that have little CBD in it or do not contain what they claim to contain. Do your research before purchasing. Ask for a lab result to understand what it is in the oil, or if you have already purchased, get a third party test.

4. Not a one-time fix

Maybe you have high blood pressure and you have read testimonials that CBD helps to regulate. You tried CBD for a couple of days, checked your blood pressure and nothing changed. Here’s the thing. CBD isn’t some magic pill that you take once and all your problems vanish. It is a supplement that you need to take regularly that works with your body to naturally regulate the systems at work. Try taking the same time each day and sticking to a routine rather than taking when you remember or giving up after a couple of days.

With all this in mind, we’re confident you can experience the benefits of CBD for yourself. You can check out our products here and ask if you have any questions.

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