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CBD Hitting Shelves at Discount Stores

Two more mainstream discount and sporting goods stores have entered the CBD race this month, joining a multitude of other large retailers that carry CBD products, including grocery, convenience, cosmetics and clothing stores.

Dollar General will sell 20 different CBD products in 1,100 stores in Tennessee and Kentucky.

The discount retailer plans to expand CBD products to stores in Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas and Vermont by 2020. Their focus will be on affordability, according to

Meanwhile, Dick’s Sporting Goods picked up its first line of cannabidiol products, selling the CBD Sport Cream line from Colorado-based CBD company Myaderm.

Why is this important?

The acceptance of CBD and CBD products into the mainstream retail stores is exciting.  One of the biggest hurdles with trying to help people through a natural product that historically has a negative connotation is easing their fear of the unknown.  Now, with major retailers throwing their hat into the ring, it is reassurance that the healing benefits of CBD is not a myth.  And more importantly, it makes consumers feel at ease in making a decision that can better their quality of life.

But . . . with that being said, there is a scary side to this as well.  With any specialty product, you have to keep in mind the quality off the goods that you are buying.  With any mass production for large commercial retailers, the company is ultimately keeping their costs down to make a profit.  In producing CBD products, keeping costs down often means sacrificing quality resulting in a loss of the effectiveness of the product.

And for all of us in this business with the goal to help people improve their life in the most natural way possible, that’s a problem.

Kudos for the acceptance, but I urge everyone to do their research prior to purchasing just any brand of CBD.  Understand how it works, what processes are used to extract it and then research the brand you are considering buying.

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