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Our Story

Tennessee Hemp Company is driven to produce the highest quality hemp and hemp products in the world. From seed to harvest, THC has the experience and resources to provide our customers with the absolute best. In addition to growing hemp, we also feel that educating the public, as well as other farmers who are just starting out in the hemp industry, is of premium importance.  

Our services include consulting and support, clone sales, mobile testing and contract growing. It is our belief that if we all work together through being cooperative and raising awareness, we can make the world a more eco-friendly place.

We want hemp to be the example of how an agricultural supply chain can be built to support communities, starting with the farm.

We’re Here For You!

Contact us for testing, growing and consultation.


What We Do

We’re more than just growers. We also provide several options to get your farm running at peak efficiency. Use our experience and expertise to get your operation profitable quickly.

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